Services - Pre Press
Sakal Commercial Printing Division is a ‘state of the art’ specialty unit delivering to the growing needs of our advertisers and business partners. It has consistently exceeded customer’s expectations with the help of highly efficient workforce and timely investment into latest technologies.

It has a storage capacity of more than 20,000 Metric Tons and delivers more than 50,000 metric tons of printed material Sakal provides Sakal provides the complete range of commercial print services from Pre-Press, Press and Post Press.

  • Agfa Flat bed Scanner
  • COPY METE A3 size Scanner
  • Color Management System – Adobe Intelitune
  • Density Contol system – Gretag Macbeth H/W and S/W
    Intellitrax - Color consistency and standardization
    Densi Eye Densitometer - 5 Nos.
    Photo Spectro Densito meter - 1 No.
  • Manucolor Ink system - Digital Ink Management with CIP 4 compatibility and auto loading of ink profiles to presses.
  • TechnoTrans Spray dampening system –
    Auto loading of Solution profiles to Presses.
Editing and Designing -
  • We follow GARCIA MEDIA TECHNIC for PAGE DESIGNING, Look & Feel effect, standardization of page layout across all prints.
  • Garcia Media is a world’s best design agency who have successfully redesign almost over 500 leading titles and websites worldwide.
  • ELEPHANT DESIGN – who is one of the best visual effect agency, is our partner for developing NEWSZINE (NEWS AND MAGAZINE COMBINATION) products who deliver News content in more attractive & visually impact presentation.
  • Sakal Commercial Printing setup are controlled with STATE OF THE ART WEB BASE PRINT PLANNER VERSION 5.0.
  • Agfa Avantra Image Setters 4 no.s online processor
  • Creo Imagesetters – 2 nos. with online processors
  • CTP – POLARIS 120 violet plates with AGFA Workflow (rip, page builder page pairing, news drive, soft proof etc) – 3 Nos.
  • Capacity : 120 plates per hour
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